Polyvinci. Many Renaissance People. A Compendium of Knowledge. Tampa Bay's top online pop culture and renaissance publication.
Polyvinci. Many Renaissance People. A Compendium of Knowledge. A publication of the Polyvinci Society. Pop Culture, Cyber Culture, Entertainment, Video Games, Art, Trends, Retro, Cool Things, Collectibles, Lifestyles, Technology, Gadgets, Drones, Electronics, Invention, BEAM, Robotics, Events, People, DJ Frontier, the Polyvinci Society.


Many Renaissance People. A Compendium of Knowledge.

Tampa Bay's top online pop culture and renaissance publication.

Established October 15, 2018.

Pop Culture, Cyber Culture, Entertainment, Video Games, Art, Trends, Retro, Cool Things, Arcades, Emulation, Artificial Life, AI, Intelligence, Wearable Tech, Computers, PCs, Builds, Mods, Stealth, Aircraft, Collectibles, Lifestyles, Technology, Gadgets, Drones, Smart Phones, Electronics, Invention, BEAM, Robotics, Robots, Events, Cons, Conventions, Expositions, People, DJ Frontier, the Polyvinci Society.


We are not affiliated with any party trying to use and misappropriate our Polyvinci branding. We created the word, we can prove it, and we can prove first use. We will continue to use our branding, and will be expanding it.

UPDATE 03/24/24/0914: We have been sitting on issues going back to March of 2022, which, at the time of this writing and counting April 2024, are 26 issues. We will begin regular publication in April 2024, starting with Issue 26, Volume 3. We are also building and deploying several more Polyvinci branded web sites, including the web site for the Polyvinci Society, which will become a large organization for the gifted and the intellectually elite, a part of The Frontier Society.

UPDATE 03/24/24/1010: Refining and finalizing the site layout, which will be used on our other Polyvinci web sites. Changed our slogan, which will be moved to and used on a new affiliate web site, one down from this one and one above Frontier Pop, as it is more relevant for that web site. This site is our top tier, elite web site. That new wed site will tie into our main subculture web site, The Frontier Society. The Polyvinci Society organization is a part of The Frontier Society, but it more exclusive, for those members have an IQ of 132 or higher.

The Polyvinci web site is being refreshed on the server this morning to prepare for what is coming. There will be a lot of updates in April 2024, following the publication of the April 2024 issue, Issue 26, Volume 3, as we retroactively publish and make available all of our back issues going back to March 2022.

Welcome to Polyvinci, an online pop culture, entertainment, video game, enthusiast, niche interest, and current events publication and web site.
Like our predecessor before us, Frontier Pop, this web site will be published monthly, with no limits on updates as no issue is final, and with each issue becoming the main subject page for its main topic.
Frontier Pop will continue on, however, with a soft reboot starting with what the current publication Volume and Issue would be, and continuing from that point (with a legal disclaimer about the issue number not being literal). Frontier Pop will resume publication in March 2024. Frontier Pop will be more satire and will tackle more fringe and controversial topics than is appropriate for this web site publication. Frontier Pop will not be replaced by Polyvinci, but will rather supplement this web site.
This web site is now being worked on to make it fully operational during the Spring of 2023 in preparation for the start of publication of regular monthly issues on this web site.
The first few monthly issues of Polyvinci will be about the main topics that this web site covers, beginning with pop culture, as we need to establish core subject pages, which issues become after newer issues come online. The second issue will be about video games.

Publication notes
Polyvinci is published monthly, as close to the first of the month as possible, with a lead time of at least three months to plan issues.
Each issue has a main subject, which enables the issue to be organized by subject once newer issues take main stage.
As the publication covers a massive range of subjects and content, content must be managed to avoid losing readers due to focusing on subjects that do not have mass appeal. That known, each issue has to be “double” written, with an amount of content at least twice what issue would normally have. 50% of the content of each issue must have mainstream appeal, and the remainder of the content being above and beyond, covering content which is supplemental to content on the site organized under a general subject category elsewhere on the site, or establishing new subject content which has not necessarily been featured in any issue (yet. A future issue covering that subject would then already have content to link to to supplement the featured subject content of that issue). 50% of that “above and beyond” issue content (25% of total issue content) can then be devoted to specialized or special interest content, such as content covering pop culture.
Because no issue is final, and remains in play, with older issues becoming the main issue for the featured subject and guaranteed to be expanded on over time, there will be an update index on the front page (unlike the secretive updates on a talent resource web site) which will make referencing recent updates intuitive, user-friendly, and easy. These updates will also be referenced on the main issue “core” pages.

“Get to know things” is the slogan of the Polyvinci web site.
Polyvinci is an online publication consisting of opinions, op-eds, entertainment, humor, satire, and a little bit of gaming, as well as information.
The Polyvinci Society web site, on the other hand, compliments Polyvinci as an online library database filled with well-organized information on subjects, a reference for Polyvinci. Although the organization itself has the “We Have Evolved” slogan, the slogan for the actual web site is “a Compendium of Knowledge”.

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Polyvinci. Many Renaissance People. A Compendium of Knowledge.

A publication of the Polyvinci Society.

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Polyvinci branding established October 15, 2018, when we created the word and invested in the .Com domain name. We maintain the rights to our branding. We can prove first use, and the branding belongs to us. We are not affiliated with and do not endorse anyone or any other party or organization trying to use our branding.

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