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We are looking for writers and other contributors to Polyvinci!
We know things. We know a lot of things about a lot of subjects. We get to know things, too. Our current writer, polymath (renaissance man) C. A. Passinault, is the editor and the publisher of Polyvinci, as well as the founder and the director of the Polyvinci Society, an underground cyber subculture that he founded in 1993. He is an expert in a wide variety of different subjects, as well as a certified professional in over 20 diverse industries. He is an industry leader. He is passionate about what he knows and what he can do with what he knows. Do you know things, too? Are you passionate about pop culture, entertainment, hobbies, your career, comics, collecting, or something interesting that you are into? Do you like to write, and to share your passion with the world? Are you looking for writing credits and experience for your resume? Do you want to obtain more experience in reporting or in interviewing others? Do you want to publish your non-fiction or fiction on an online platform where it will be read? We can help you!
Don’t settle for a freebie blog site or social media profile which is never entirely under your control, doesn't organize your files correctly, doesn't show up in searches, assumes copyright over your posts, and which does not support your interests or what you are trying to accomplish. Don’t settle for any old web site, either.
We need you, and you need us. It's a mutually beneficial symbiosis. For whatever you are into, this can be your home on the Internet. More importantly, we are not a social media platform, where you can be reported, suspended, banned, and censored. We are an online publication which respects the rights of our writers and contributors.
Polyvinci aspires to be the top pop culture and entertainment online publication in the Tampa Bay area, and one of the best web sites of our kind in the world. We literally have features and content here which you cannot find anywhere else.
Our current and only writer is C. A. Passinault, an artist, writer, performer, DJ, businessman, marketer, web designer, SEO specialist, and professional renaissance man, or polymath, from Tampa Bay, Florida. Although Passinault has a vast knowledge on a wide array of subjects, he cannot cover every subject, and he doesn't know everything. We need more writers.
So, as a writer and an enthusiast of what you’re into, what can we do for you? Actually, we can do a lot for you. We’ll tell you more, now.

1. Polyvinci promotes you.
As a subcontracted contributing writer to Polyvinci, we will help to establish you as an expert on what you are writing about. All contributing writers receive a free profile section on Polyvinci which is all your own, as well as a membership profile on our Polyvinci Society web site. We also link to their blog, web sites, and social media profiles of our certified contributors, which is well-earned advertising. Our writers also are allowed to brand and run their own subject based columns, which can be updated as often as they wish. Updates will become a part of the current issue of Polyvinci, as well as added to relevant support sections of the site and relevant past issues of Polyvinci.
For those of you that have podcasts, videos, multimedia projects, and other types of work, we will link to and promote those, as well, as long as it falls under the terms and conditions outlined below.

2. Free promotion and advertising
Writers are allowed to promote their web sites and their businesses on the Polyvinci and the Polyvinci Society web sites, as well as other relevant Passinault-owned web sites, free of charge, as long as it does not conflict with Passinault’s photography, event planning, production, or advertising businesses, and as long as what is being promoted is something that we are comfortable helping you promote. We also will not allow anyone to advertise or promote any web site in direct competition with Polyvinci, or to sites linking to competitors.
Of course, this deal is only valid if sites that we link to also link back to Polyvinci.

3. Link exchange with Polyvinci.
Your writer profile on Polyvinci can include links to your web site, your social media accounts, and more. The above conditions and terms apply.

4. Your advantage of using a real web site
We are not a social media site. We are a real web site, and we take search engine optimization very seriously.
Think that some freebie blogger or social media profile will give you that much exposure? If the readers in your target market find us, they will also find you. Polyvinci, The Polyvinci Society, and the other web sites in our vast network are much more powerful than the social media that everyone else uses. You don’t want to be lost in the crowd, do you? We can help boost your signal over all of the noise from social media and other freebie profiles. We are more effective. While social media can be useful to augment a web site, it is no replacement for a real web site like ours, or yours.

If you wish to join our ranks, and contribute to Polyvinci and our other sites, please contact us for more information. Although no talented writer covering a relevant topic will be refused, journalists, reporters, journalism students, and professional writers are a plus. We are looking forward to talking to you.

Terms and conditions apply. We cannot publish anything that is too controversial, hoaxes, false information, illegal, or which will affect the reputation of our web site and our performance in search results.

Once we begin publication, we will list our writers in this section, where you can reference everything that they have written by author, just like you can reference subjects published in the older issues that are reappropriated into subject sections after new issues are published from the SUBJECTS section.



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